Cell Phones: How I cut up my Brazilian SIM card and registered with a fake CPF…

Let’s face it: many of us are inseparable from our smartphones! While traveling, ditch the expensive international phone plan – you can usually get a local SIM card for cheap. In Brazil, it is easy to do so as many convenience stores and cell phone service branches sell you a SIM for R$10, which gives you a local number! The most popular companies are TIM, Oi, and Vivo. You just have to go and ask for a “Chip do celular”(shee-pee do ce-loo-lar). I now have a Florianópolis area code number, how chic! 😉

I was soon faced with a challenge: my HTC One (and iPhones 4 and above) use a micro SIM card. The TIM chip (the blue one below) is too big! Fret not, you can actually cut it up yourself easily.

Just make sure you don’t cut into the gold part, and to the best of your ability leave the same size margins as your original micro chip. Fit it into the device, and if the network appears, it works!! Now enjoy and be proud of your handiwork

Network changed to TIM!!

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  1. Felipe Ricieri says: Reply

    Se você precisar de novo de um CPF 😆:

    1. Hahaha! Bom saber! Obrigada 😀

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