Nearing the quarter life mark

Lately, there has been a wave of collective panic through my social media and personal life, as folks have turned 25 – also known as the “quarter life crisis.” I, too, will turn 25 in 3 months.

Even more than before, I have been pondering what to do with my life. Doing strategy work, at large corporations at least, has been less than gratifying. At the same time, the routine New York life has not been satisfying. Being a young 25 year-old with no student debt, healthy savings, no constraining work contract or lease, or permanent relationship is really a blessing. I would like to embark on a bold endeavor to

  1. Learn programming: Take Udacity courses while building out my own website and web apps
  2. Explore the South American electronic music scene
  3. Work abroad
  4. Improve my Portuguese and Spanish
  5. Improve my writing skills via this blog

I can do this!

I plan to document the planning process and my journey every step of the way, through my blog.

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