Where to Stay for Amsterdam Dance Event 2018: ADE Hotels for Party Access

where to stay for amsterdam dance event

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is fast approaching! Soon, an electrifying energy will run through the city and you’ll be able to hear dance music in every corner, as 350,000 people from all over the world descend upon Amsterdam. Literally a dance music lover’s paradise. Do you know where to stay for Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 yet? […]

Dutch American Friendship Treaty: 10 Step Guide to Getting the Self Employment Permit in the Netherlands

Life in Amsterdam

Moving to Europe is notoriously hard. As an American, I didn’t really pay attention to my international friends’ struggles of applying for permanent visas in the United States. When I decided that I wanted to move to the Netherlands long-term, I got to understand first hand the frustrations of being on the other side. Thankfully, […]

Amsterdam Chinatown & Best Asian Food

Compared to Spain, where I used to live, the Netherlands has had a longer history with Asian immigration. Main Asian nationalities here are the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian (who are primarily ethnic Chinese). Chinese population in the Netherlands actually forms one of the largest Chinese communities in continental Europe, with a population of around 80K. […]