I’m on a mission to…

…find the best dance music experiences around the world

…understand what it means to be Asian in different countries

…and uncover the cultural quirks wherever I go!

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Mandatory pre-reading for those that go to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival: How to use the bathroom.





Did you know that there are Chinatowns all over South America? I make it my goal to locate them.




Brazilians are not a politically-correct bunch, but I do like the way they ask people about their backgrounds.




How I got into the hardest to get into club in the world – Berghain (after 3 tries).






About setting goals for your long-term travels and setting yourself up to get the most out of your trip. Because wandering around aimlessly is not going to help you get there.




Taiwan is an unexpected destination for dance music… little did I expect a night of hardstyle and trance at full throttle!