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Best Party Holiday Destination: Vegas vs. Ibiza

For clubbing aficionados, Ibiza and Las Vegas are destinations that are at the top of bucket list. Ibiza has been for decades the long-standing electronic dance music party holiday destination. On the other hand, Vegas splashed into the clubbing holiday scene since the surge in popularity of EDM in the United States, dazzling clubbers with its headliners and glamorous clubs. There has been heavy debate recently on whether or not Vegas has overtaken Ibiza as THE party holiday destination.

I went to Vegas in June of 2015, and was blown away by just how crazy it got. Having lived in Europe for a year, I loved being in an American party environment again. I had such a good time in Vegas, that I was doubtful that I could have more fun in Ibiza but also keen to compare the two destinations.

So, in September of this year, I had the chance to spend a week in Ibiza, hitting up all the famous clubs. Here are my two cents on the Ibiza vs. Vegas debate. And as a bonus, in the end I’ll throw in an underdog to the “best party holiday destination” debate – Florianopolis in Brazil. Continue reading

Warung Beach Club: The Temple of House Music in Brazil

Club Rating: 9/10. It’s an absolute must-visit for techno and house music lovers. Set in a gorgeous setting on the beaches of Brazil, with an incredible vibe and decor. Always brings in the best talent in underground music. 

Warung Beach Club may be a name only familiar to the most dedicated of North American and European techno fanatics, but in Brazil it is a sacred temple for underground electronic music. Located in a lush green forest right next to the white sand and blue waves of Praia Brava, Warung gives off a mythical vibe to all that step into its wooden arches. Continue reading

How to call someone a Drunkard in Brazil

With the World Cup coming up, you will surely come upon many inebriated Brazilians and foreigners on the streets. Whereas in English I can only think of two ways to describe them – Alcoholic, Drunkard – the descriptive Brazilians have a ton of ways to playfully insult their indulgent friends. Throw these words around at the next party and impress your new friends!

  • Cachaceiro/a – Cachaça, a sugar cane distilled alcohol, is the national alcohol of Brazil. So, you can imagine that cachaçeiro (or cachaçeira for females) means a person who drinks a lot of cachaça, or alcohol in general
  • Pinguço/a: Pinga is a type of cachaça, with a reputation of f**king you up. A pinguço (fem. pinguça) is someone who drinks a lot of pinga, or alcohol in general
  • Bebum/beberrão: The verb beber means drink, so bebum pretty much translate to drunkard
  • Pé de cana: Literally foot of the sugar cane, the word describes someone who drinks too much by equating him or her to the primary ingredient of cachaça

Fun fact: Mineiros (Folks from Minas Gerais state, where the city Belo Horizonte is located) are known to be the most cachaçeiros in Brazil … I thought it was a myth until I met a Mineiro walking around the famous tourist site Pão de Açucar Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio with a bottle of cachaça in his hand

Us on sugar loaf mountain with the Mineiro (far left) Henrique, who has a bottle of Ypioca (cheap cachaça) in his hand. It was full at noon and gone by 6pm.

Us on sugar loaf mountain with the Mineiro (far left) Henrique, who has a bottle of Ypioca (cheap cachaça) in his hand. It was full at noon and gone by 6pm.

Electronic Music Mecca of Brazil

Brazil is the country with the most diverse of musical interests that I have known – from Samba, Sertanejo, Funk, Forró, to even Brazilian Rock and Rap – not to mention all the subgenres within them, Brazil is a country that loves to dance and has diverse taste. Apart from the more traditional and country-specific styles, Electronic Music also has a HUGE presence in Brazil. In fact, 5 of the DJ mag top 40 clubs in 2013 are Brazilian: Green Valley (#1; Bálneario Camboriú, SC), Sirena (#8; Maresias, SP), Warung Beach Club (#16; Itajaí, SC), Anzu Club (#23; Itu, SP), D-Edge (#32; São Paulo, SP). I have been fortunate enough to have been to 3 of them!

Bálneario Camboriú and Itajaí are adjacent cities located about 30 minutes from each other. Green Valley and Warung Beach Club are therefore quite close by. Both times I visited the city I stayed on Praia Brava at the Senor Hostel, which is technically in Itajaí but right next to Bálneario Camboriú behind a mountain. And what difference in the vibe a mountain makes.


Balneario Camboriu


Praia Brava

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Creamfields Festival Florianopolis 2014

My rating for the festival: 2 out of 10. I think calling it a “festival” is a bit of an exaggeration, at best it is a large club event… It definitely does not live up to the Creamfields name. The lineup was mediocre, all in all I am “meh” about it

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of electronic music. I heard about Creamfields having an edition in Florianopolis, and this may or may not be why I planned it as my first stop 😉

My hostel, Tucano House, facilitated by selling tickets and providing transfer! Hostel staff told me never to buy tickets before arriving at a location, because someone always knows someone who has discounts. R$100 ($40) for a 12-hour festival (6pm-6am) is pretty great in my opinion. The transfer, organized in vans by the hostel for R$35, came with cheap vodka, Guarana, and ice! After a 40 minute bus ride with some crazy Australians and English folks, we arrive at Creamfields. At the festival, I hung out with a Brazilian girl Aline from Parana that I met at the hostel – I felt that it was kind of ironic that everyone on the van did not speak Portuguese, so I feel that she might have felt kind of left out! I was glad she was there, though, since the Europeans were a bit too crazy for me …

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Cell Phones: How I cut up my Brazilian SIM card and registered with a fake CPF…

Let’s face it: many of us are inseparable from our smartphones! While traveling, ditch the expensive international phone plan – you can usually get a local SIM card for cheap. In Brazil, it is easy to do so as many convenience stores and cell phone service branches sell you a SIM for R$10, which gives you a local number! The most popular companies are TIM, Oi, and Vivo. You just have to go and ask for a “Chip do celular”(shee-pee do ce-loo-lar). I now have a Florianópolis area code number, how chic! 😉
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