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Inside Taipei’s Techno Club – Korner

I went for a techno club night out in Taipei, to the club Korner (the Wall). No, I’m not using “techno” in the context of Top 40 EDM like Zedd & Martin Garrix. I’m talking about actual underground dance music. Yes, Taipei techno DOES exist!

I grew up in Taiwan listening to Taiwanese pop music and American pop artists like Britney Spears. After I left home at age 18, I slowly grew a deep appreciation for underground dance music. During my tenure in Europe, I stomped all over techno clubs in Berlin and Amsterdam, best cities in the world for the scene. Knowing the Taiwan I grew up in, I couldn’t fathom Taiwan having a techno scene.

In a country like Taiwan, locals’ preferred nightlife activity is visiting karaoke lounges. Clubbing is limited to Top-40 & Mainstream EDM clubs like Elektro, Myst, and Room 18, and even that is an activity that attracts mostly American-born Taiwanese kids and expats. I believed that there wasn’t even a techno club in Taipei.

That’s why when my friend YR, advised me of the Taipei techno club Korner, I was keen to check it out but skeptical at the same time. I didn’t dare go in with high expectations… what would it be like and what kind of people would be there?! Continue reading