I’m an electronic dance music travel blogger, and I also write about expat life as an Asian American.

This blog was started to mark my journey since January 20th, 2014 to get off the linear trajectory of life. Until the end of 2013, my life was operated with the “sure-fire success” formula of studying hard (great SAT scores), getting into a good college (MIT), getting a good job (management consultant in NYC), and getting married (not yet!).

After discovering how unhappy I was becoming but with no idea how to remedy it, I decided to throw some curveballs in my life: I stored all my possessions in NYC and stuffed all my essentials into a tiny carry-on bag, and hopped on a plane to Brazil.

I was so scared when I quit my job, informed my parents and friends, and got rid of my apartment. However, I think that deep down my gut told me that I was doing the right thing – and it was right, more than 2 years in and I haven’t looked back.

Since then, I have spent many months traveling around in South America, Europe, and Asia. I completed a Master’s degree in Tourism Innovation in Barcelona and have lived in Florianopolis (Brazil), Barcelona, and Amsterdam. I joined an Amsterdam-based company Party with a Local in 2015, which connects people around the world who want to party. It’s the kind of app that I wish I had known about when I started traveling, given that the primary motivating reason I traveled was to attend cool electronic dance music events in every city I went to. I’m currently working hard with the team to achieve product-market fit and grow the Party with a Local community!

In this blog, I write about my favorite things:

My favorite posts:


I’ve also written for iHeartRaves and EDM.com:

Zaragoza, Spain 2010

Moving the world! Zaragoza, Spain 2010.

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  1. Jack

    Wow, not the Tendelle I knew in Bethany. Haha. Good that your enjoying life 🙂 inspire others to do so. LLTTF!

  2. roberto

    hey, where are you nowadays? came across your blog by searching for “asian barcelona.” thinking of visiting there soon but didn’t want to be the only korean dude there… love the blog!

    1. tendelle Post author

      Haha there are lots of asians in barcelona! I dont live there anymore, i live in Amsterdam now. Hit me up if you come through! 🙂

      1. roberto

        will do 🙂 you can do likewise when you return to nyc 🙂
        i am trying to decide where to go on my first solo trip. your blog has been a great read! thanks for creating it ^^
        btw, i just downloaded the partywithalocal app. trying it out. seems cool!

        1. tendelle Post author

          Deal 🙂 Let me know if you need help figuring out your solo trip plans 🙂
          Glad you’re trying out our app, hope you like it!

  3. MIN

    hi tendelle =) im a girl from south korea and i traveled 3 countries in europe for 36 days by myself. i went to defqon1 and dominator . this travel actually was for them haha. after a travel, i found your blog.. if i knew your blog more earlier, my travel would be better. what a shame …. anyways your blog is sooooo impressing because i love edm and im very into hardcore and other hardcore sub genre musics. thanks for your informative blog. have a nice day.

    1. tendelle Post author

      Hi Min! Thanks for your sweet comment! I wish you would have found the blog earlier too, we could have met up at Defqon.1 and Dominator, I went to both this year too!
      It’s amazing that you traveled to those festivals by yourself, I really admire people who do that 😀 If you come to Europe again next year let me know!! 🙂

      1. Min

        I’m moving to Germany this June. It means I visit Defqon1 and Dominator this year! also thunderdome hehe =) hope to see you there.

  4. ddpvk

    Hi Tendelle! I found your blog through Studio 240 and really like your posts. I’m from the US and relocated to Berlin so I relate on many levels to the stuff you write about. I just wanted to say hello, I used to write for studio 240 and am going to start again this week so I wanted to introduce myself 🙂

    1. tendelle Post author

      Hey girl!! I’m glad you stopped by and introduced yourself 😀
      Wow, you moved to Berlin? That’s amazing, I love the city – especially the party scene. What do you do there?
      I’m usually based in Amsterdam (though currently in the US for work – returning to Amsterdam in next february). Do hit me up if you are in town! 🙂

  5. Katherine Jinyi

    I just moved from Paris to São Paulo and the Chinese American girl struggle is real. Glad I found your blog! Wish we could have been homegirls here no Brasa! Best of wishes on your travels.

    1. tendelle Post author

      I am jealous of you for moving to Sao Paulo, love that city! Must be quite a big change from Paris though :p Best of luck there and let me know if you need any help! I hope to visit brazil again soon in the near future 🙂

  6. Gerardo

    Hello Tendelle! First of all, nice blog! Congratss..I just read about your experience in Barcelona, and Brazil..Nice, really like it.

    Look, might sound bit weird, but wanted to ask you an advice..Will do a brief intro: I did pretty much the things, you had being doing.. (I studied, got a law dreege, work as a Lawyer in a prestigious firm back in BA, got fed up.. went travelling).. Its been two years now.. Travelling in Europe, Asia, and South America..Doing million different stuff.. (Au Pair, Chef, Driver, work in fancy nudist Chateau in south of France, in private swinger parties (yes, I saw weird shits lol), with race horses in UK, construction things, English teacher in Vietnam, loots of Volunteering, etc etc etc) ..
    And I am about to go to Barcelona an base myself there for a while.. Will start a Master in Cultural Management cause I am aiming to develop some professional life in this environment (culture, art, production, nigh life scene).
    Like, I love night life, techno music, cultural expression in general..music and go parting as well..
    SO, finally.. as it sound that you “made it”,, that you find a decent way of making money and travel and enjoy night life while doing so (maybe I got it wrong) I want to ask you any advice based on your experience you can give me to go in that direction..
    I didn’t know about the app.. I think is a brilliant idea..will definitely start using it since next week.
    Well.. hope is not tooo much to ask. Lots of love, pleasure to meet you!

    1. tendelle Post author

      Hey Gera,
      Wow, thanks for your comment! We sound like such similar people. Haha I have by no means “made it” but I”m doing something I love right now, which I think puts me on the right track 🙂 Let’s move this conversation to email, could you write me at tendelle@gmail.com ?


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