I’m an electronic dance music travel blogger residing in Amsterdam.

This blog was started to mark my journey since January 20th, 2014 to get off the linear trajectory of life. Until the end of 2013, my life was operated with the “sure-fire success” formula of studying hard (great SAT scores), getting into a good college (MIT), getting a good job (management consultant in NYC), and getting married (not yet!).

After discovering how unhappy I was becoming but with no idea how to remedy it, I decided to throw some curveballs in my life: I stored all my possessions in NYC and stuffed all my essentials into a tiny carry-on bag, and hopped on a plane to Brazil.

I was so scared when I quit my job, informed my parents and friends, and got rid of my apartment. However, I think that deep down my gut told me that I was doing the right thing – and it was right, more than 2 years in and I haven’t looked back.

Since then, I have spent many months traveling around in South America, Europe, and Asia. I completed a Master’s degree in Tourism Innovation in Barcelona and have lived in Florianopolis (Brazil), Barcelona, and Amsterdam.

I joined an Amsterdam-based company Party with a Local in 2015, which connects people around the world who want to party. It’s the kind of app that I wish I had known about when I started traveling, given that the primary motivating reason I traveled was to attend cool electronic dance music events in every city I went to. I’m currently working hard with the team to achieve product-market fit and grow the Party with a Local community!

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