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My two passions are dance music and travel. So, whenever I travel, I try to combine the trip with a dance music event – nothing makes me happier than to feel the energy of the crowds and check out the EDM scene of a foreign land. I write reviews on the event or venue – I hope these can help you plan your next dance music holiday!

If you’re picking your next party holiday destination and wonder about Vegas vs. Ibiza read this article (I also threw in Florianopolis for good measure)!

I also did my Master’s thesis regarding Dance Music Tourism, check it out!

Here are my reviews and information on clubs and festivals I have been to around the world since 2014, ordered by my personal preference! Subject to bias of course 🙂 I also have a special guide to dance music and clubbing in Barcelona and Brazil (specifically, Florianopolis in great detail).

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Festival/Concert Reviews – Ranked by How Much I Enjoyed Them

  1. Dominator (2015, 2016). Eersel, Netherlands [Hardcore].
  2. TomorrowWorld (2013). Atlanta, Georgia [Multiple Genres].
  3. Ultra Music Festival Miami (2013, 2014). Miami, USA [Multiple Genres].
  4. Mysteryland NL (2016). Hoofddorp, NL [Multiple Genres]
  5. Q-Dance Chile (and How to find festival buddies while traveling) (2014). Santiago, Chile [Hardstyle].
  6. Black Party Taiwan – Hardstyle and Trance in Taiwan (2014). Kaohsiung, Taiwan [Hardstyle, Trance].
  7. EDC New York (2013, 2014). New York, NY [Multiple Genres].
  8. Airbeat One (2015). Neustadt-Glewe, Germany [Commercial, Hardstyle, Psy Trance, Techno].
  9. Defqon.1 (2016). Biddinghuizen, Netherlands [Hard Dance].
  10. Together We Are Hardcore Festival (2016). Zaandam, Netherlands [Hardcore].
  11. Tomorrowland (2016). Boom, Belgium [Multiple Genres].
  12. Electric Zoo (2012, 2013). New York, NY [Multiple Genres].
  13. EDC (2015). Las Vegas, NV [Multiple Genres].
  14. Q-Base (2015). Weeze, Germany [Hardstyle, Hardcore].
  15. Let It Roll (2015). Prague, Czech Republic [Drum & Bass].
  16. Qlimax (2015). Arnhem, Netherlands [Hardstyle].
  17. Governor’s Island Summer Parties (2012-2014). New York, NY [EDM].
  18. Warung Day Festival (2014). Curitiba, Brazil [Techno].
  19. Freaqshow (2015). Amsterdam, Netherlands [Hardstyle].
  20. A State of Trance Festival (2015). Utrecht, Netherlands [Trance].
  21. Unlocked (2015). Utrecht, Netherlands [Hardstyle, Hardcore].
  22. Sonar (2016). Barcelona, Spain [Techno, House, Alternative].
  23. Ultra Music Festival Europe (2014). Split, Croatia [EDM, Techno].
  24. Primavera Sound (2015). Barcelona, Spain [Techno and non-EDM bands].
  25. Ultra Buenos Aires (2014). Buenos Aires, Argentina [All genres].
  26. Creamfields Brazil (2014). Florianópolis, Brazil [EDM, Techno].

Club Reviews – by my personal ranking [Non-comprehensive list]

  1. Pool Parties Las Vegas (2015). Las Vegas, NV [EDM].
  2. Berghain (2015). Berlin, Germany [Techno].
  3. Fabric Club: Solo Clubbing and Finding Drum&Bass Heaven (2015). London, UK [Drum and Bass].
  4. Warung Beach Club (2014). Balneario Camboriu, Brazil [Techno, Deep house, EDM].
  5. Ipse Club for Boys Noize. 10 years of BNR Celebration. Berlin, Germany [Techno, Acid House].
  6. Green Valley (2014). Balneario Camboriu, Brazil [Techno, Deep house, EDM].
  7. Korner (2016). Taipei, Taiwan [Techno].
  8. Fabrik, Hard Spring Day (2015). Madrid, Spain [Hardstyle].
  9. A review of ageHa club and a weekend of clubbing in Tokyo (2014). Tokyo, Japan [EDM, Trance, Techno].
  10. Elrow Party Bronx (2015). Barcelona, Spain [Techno].
  11. London Ministry of Sound Shiba San (2015). London, UK [Techno].

Dance Music Clubbing in Barcelona

Dance Music Clubbing in Berlin

Dance Music Clubbing in Amsterdam

Dance Music Clubbing in Brazil (with a focus on Florianópolis)

Based on my experience living in Brazil for half a year in 2014.