A Catalan in Berlin

Catalans are notorious for being a stingy bunch. I’m not making this up – just ask any Spaniard or even Catalan and they will nod in agreement with a chuckle. Living in New York, as a girl, I was spoiled by free alcohol that seemed to be readily available to me and in excess at bars and […]

Amsterdam Chinatown & Best Asian Food

Compared to Spain, where I used to live, the Netherlands has had a longer history with Asian immigration. Main Asian nationalities here are the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian (who are primarily ethnic Chinese). Chinese population in the Netherlands actually forms one of the largest Chinese communities in continental Europe, with a population of around 80K. […]

Little Taiwan in Ciudad del Este

I’ve traveled enough to not be surprised anymore when I see a Chinatown in every major city that I’ve been to. I usually try to visit these “Chinatown” areas to see how Asian immigrants live in other countries. Usually, the community consists of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean immigrants. Therefore, it was VERY surprising to find […]