I’m on a mission to…

…find the best dance music experiences around the world

…understand what it means to be Asian in different countries

…and uncover the cultural quirks wherever I go!

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Mandatory pre-reading for those that go to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival: How to use the bathroom.




Did you know that there are Chinatowns all over South America? I make it my goal to locate them.



Brazilians are not a politically-correct bunch, but I do like the way they ask people about their backgrounds.



How I got into the hardest to get into club in the world – Berghain (after 3 tries).




About setting goals for your long-term travels and setting yourself up to get the most out of your trip. Because wandering around aimlessly is not going to help you get there.



Taiwan is an unexpected destination for dance music… little did I expect a night of hardstyle and trance at full throttle!


#AsianClubbing … in Sao Paulo

#AsianInBarcelona Sometimes irritating and sometimes humorous moments as an Asian girl living in Barcelona

#LondonSurprise Am I in Hogwarts?

#BorderCrossing Illegal crossing between Paraguay and Brazil

#SoloClubbing Tale of a solo clubber finding Drum & Bass heaven in London

#AmsterdamSurprise What are purple lights in the Red Light District?

#SoloTravel Solo travel as a girl is not crazy

#BubbleTea The Taiwanese national drink across borders

#VWKombis The last ones ever.

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4 thoughts on “I’m on a mission to…

  1. Chad

    Really enjoy reading your blog since I enjoy traveling, experincing different cultures, edm, and I am Asian American as well. Keep it up!

  2. Travis

    I just wanted to say thank you for that very well written blog on the DAFT. I’ve been planning on moving for about 2 years (visits to NL and saving some money. Wanted to be sure its what I really wanted). Your comments are closed on the blog but I was wondering about your apartment. How do I go about renting a place when I’m still in America? Or do I wait until I get there? My case is a bit unique and I can go into detail if you’d like. I’m just unsure if they’ll rent out to a non citizen.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write the blog. I learned a lot.

    1. Tendelle Post author

      Hey travis, thanks for pointing out that my comments were closed. I fixed it now. Regarding your question, the best way is usually to look when you are here (after all, you probably want to actually see the place you are going to live in). Otherwise, you might want to hire a broker if you want to work everything out before arriving. And there are no problems with renting housing out to non-citizens. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at hello@travelalatendelle.com


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