Why Vegas Pool Parties Are The Best Parties I’ve Ever Been To

I had the fortune of going to Las Vegas over EDC weekend, and never imagined that I would have so much fun! I only went to EDC for one night but that was not the highlight of my trip – they were the pool parties. Granted, my pool party experiences were pretty limited – I had only gone to Atlantic City (NJ/NY’s version of Vegas) pool parties before and to a pool party in P-12 of Florianopolis (Brazil) – but nothing prepared me for the pool party madness I experienced in Vegas. My posts about EDM and events on this blog tend to be music-focused and I try to steer away from party talk. However, in Vegas, I admit that I did not care one bit which DJ was spinning or how his track selections were because I WAS JUST HAVING TOO MUCH FUN!!! It’s like a water park for adults, combining my favorite things: EDM, sun, water, and fun. Vegas pool parties — HIGHLY recommended for all that love a party.

Here’s a run down of the four pool parties I attended over EDC weekend – three day parties and one night party. I stayed till the very end at every single one of these parties! I definitely have to go back again and check out all the other beach clubs.

Friday – Diplo @ Encore Beach Club

Diplo @ Encore Beach Club
Diplo @ Encore Beach Club

This was the only party I actually planned in advance and bought tickets for ($47 including online booking fees). Usually, it’s usually not necessary for girls to purchase pool party tickets in advance as Vegas promoters have guestlists for girls to enter for free before a certain time (and guys at a discount; contact me for a promoter recommendation), but it was EDC weekend and the rules of the game were different. Encore Beach Club (EBC) was the biggest pool party that we went to (in terms of space) the whole weekend. Because of that, the crowd seemed a lot more spread out and relaxed, while other pool parties we went to seemed more intense. There were fun pagodas that sprayed down water and plenty of water splashing action going on. It was a hot hot day without a cloud in the sky, but because of the water spraying and pool, the heat was bearable. Diplo spun a set perfectly hyped up set for a pool party setting. As I had been out of the US for more than 1.5 years at that point, I was craving some American ratchet music and I got what I asked for!!

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Saturday – Adventure Club & 3LAU (ft. Justin Bieber) @ Drai’s Beach Club

One of the guys captured Bieber’s surprise performance on video! #Belieber

Although this was not my pool party of choice on Saturday, I went anyway because a bunch people I knew from New York were going to be there and because Laura really wanted to go. We paid the steep door price of entry to go in ($60). Right when we got in, Justin Bieber stood up in on one of the tables and gave an impromptu concert, singing his latest hit with Jack U “Where are U Now”. I guess that’s why they wouldn’t give us a discount on the ticket price! Laura and I hung out at a “double bachelor party” table, with a fun group of guys from Boston, for most the afternoon. I was pretty tipsy and by the time I got into the pool, I was splashing water on everyone obnoxiously with abandon, and throwing beach balls everywhere.  You know that you too much fun when you realize that your phone stopped working as you walk out of the day club at the end of the afternoon.

Sunday – Porter Robinson @ Marquee Day Club

@ Marquee Day Club. I love animal floaties!!
@ Marquee Day Club. I love animal floaties!!

Our friends’ friends had booked a bungalow at Cosmopolitan Casino, where the Marquee Day Club was located. The bungalow is a luxurious three story unit with a Jacuzzi on the top floor and a large living area with a bar and killer sound system that gives you direct access to the Day Club. Being able to chill at the bungalow and run in and out of the Day Club was really cool! Of course, there was more water splashing on my part and more inflatable toy throwing. All the day clubbers were really friendly and it made it easy to have fun! I think this for me is the biggest difference of pool parties; people relaxed and are there to have a good time instead of to hit members of the opposite sex.

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Monday (Night) – Skrillex & Diplo (Jack U) @ XS Monday NightSwim

The downside to having a phone that broke on the second day of the weekend was that I couldn't take any of my own pictures ... Source: thedjlist.com
The downside to having a phone that broke on the second day of the weekend was that I have to steal photos..
Source: thedjlist.com

My favorite party of the weekend. I was actually supposed to fly back to Barcelona on the Monday morning, but I was having such a good time that I changed my flight so that I can go to LA with Laura, but not before I experience XS Nightclub with Skrillex and Diplo. XS Nightclub opens up their pool every Sunday night for its “nightswim”, though as it was EDC weekend, they had a special Monday Nightswim. General consensus was that it was the wildest party of the whole weekend! The pool was full of floatie toys of all shapes and sizes – giant rubber duck, animal floaties, and infinite bouncy balls. I called the end of the pool by the DJ booth the “ratchet zone”, as the water was always splashing and balls were always bouncing off of people’s heads! Jack U brought their A-game. We heard that all 180 tables at XS were booked up, and the club was absolutely packed, on the Monday after EDC – crazy! By the time the party ended at 5AM, the sun was rising, we had been there for 6 hours and Jack U played for at least 3-4 hours. An amazing end to my first EDC weekend!!

I missed Daylight Beach Club and Web Republic this time around – there was just not enough time. I’ll be sure to check them out next time!

After the epic Vegas pool party experience, I present to you a summary of why Vegas pool parties are amazing:

Why Pool Parties are better than Clubbing

1. Water is fun and it cools you down

Daylight Beach Club. Source: Rantlifestyle.com
Daylight Beach Club. Source: Rantlifestyle.com

2. Floatie toys and bouncy balls

Look at all those floaties! And how happy I am holding an elephant floatie!!
Look at all those floaties! And how happy I am holding an elephant floatie!!

3. Day clubbing has a more relaxed vibe and is less about flirting

4. You can actually see each other. And super made-up girls get their makeup washed off so you can see what they actually look like! 😉

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5. Bikinis are sexy

"Bikini Babes" in Vegas. Source: abrahamlimovegas.com
“Bikini Babes” in Vegas. Source: abrahamlimovegas.com

Why Vegas Pool Parties are Next Level

1. The whole production, from the decadence of the pool, to the variety of different floatie toys, to the state-of-the-art sound systems, to the best DJ talents in the industry.

2. Casino in the party. If you get tired of dancing and tanning, take a break and play some craps, without leaving the premises of the party!

3. Bungalows and Cabanas. Decadent places for you to chill out, see and be seen.

View from the Cosmo Bungalow Jacuzzi
View from the Cosmo Bungalow Jacuzzi

4. The crowd is there to have fun! Whether it’s a bachelor party, girls’ weekend, or a company outing, people in Vegas are there just to have fun and lose their inhibitions. Yes, the “Hangover” is real.

5. People are ready to spend money. Vegas is where people go to have fun and throw money away. Which often leads to pretty crazy things happening. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you’d have to find out for yourself!

Look for the guy with dollar bills all over his shades. A random girl just "made it rain" over the pool a couple minutes ago.
Look for the guy with dollar bills all over his shades. A random girl just “made it rain” over the pool a couple minutes ago.

Feel like hopping on a plane to Vegas yet?

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