Defqon.1 Fan Moments: Hilarious People & Funny Sh*t that Went Down at the Festival!

Defqon.1, aka the Best Weekend of Our Lives, was almost 2 months ago. But it doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped reminiscing about the amazing things that happened at the festival! Sure, the music and DJs were mind-blowing, but my favorite part of the weekend was meeting my fellow attendees, seeing all the funny outfits, and laughing my ass off at all the weird stuff that went down!

I consulted the Weekend Warriors of QSA for their favorite fan moments of Defqon.1, and this is the Top 10 weird & funny things that happened at the festival!

10. When the Defqon.1 Armada sailed into Yellow

That’s some advanced cardboarding right there!

9. When the Shark did the Hakken

8. When People Peed Everywhere

Against the fence by the main stage…


Peeing butt naked… Photo credit: Christian Q.

And all the first-person accounts…

“There were these 4 guys taking a piss by the lake dressed as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Bowser. The guy dressed as Mario tried pissing on the guy dressed as Luigi.” – Gabe B.

“Saw 3 dudes pissing on a fence at the White Stage. They glanced down and giggled. Then suddenly the 2 guys on the sides turned inward and crossed streams with the middle guy…

(Boys this is not cool, use the proper urinals please. But still, hella funny)

7. When the Snapchat Dog made a surprise appearance on the UV Stage

Photo credit: Alex F. / Shared by: Katarina B.

6. When the referee blew his whistle and gave out penalties

I heard that several Defqon.1 referees made appearances at the festival, blowing their whistles on the dance floor and handing out red and yellow cards for bad dancing, spilling beer, and anything really. Thank you Mr/Mrs Referees for keeping the festival chaotic!

Yeah, I know… Pictures or it didn’t happen. Anyone got a picture of this?!

5. When this did some hardcore swiping on Tinder

Tinderqon.1 #GabberMeeting

Posted by Gabber Meeting on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

… 209433 times, with 0 matches.

4. When a game of Twister happened at Blue during the Afterparty

Photo credit: Regina G.

3. When the naked cheerleader reigned over the crowd

Photo credit: Tim P.

2. When a valiant man swam across the Lake

Photo credit: Valerie L.

… And when approached by medical, he tried to dance away.

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1. And finally, when Jeroen paid a visit to Campground 6

Photo credit: Defqon.1 2018 Kampvuur met Jeroen

(For those of you that don’t get it, this is an internet sensation that’s taken the Dutch social media by storm. Must watch!)

Cover photo credit: Roberto V. & Javi P.

What were other funny things you saw at Defqon.1 2017?

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