A Catalan in Berlin

Catalans are notorious for being a stingy bunch. I’m not making this up – just ask any Spaniard or even Catalan and they will nod in agreement with a chuckle. Living in New York, as a girl, I was spoiled by free alcohol that seemed to be readily available to me and in excess at bars and […]

My Q-Base Misadventure

About the time I arrived at Dusseldorf with basically no money or accommodation and slept and showered at a stranger’s house, who I met by spilling his coffee in the train. I’m writing this one year late, because frankly, I was quite embarrassed by what had happened last year when I arrived at Dusseldorf for Q-Base. In […]

Review of Q-Base Festival 2015

My rating of Q-Base: 7/10. My 36-hour whirlwind Q-Base + Dusseldorf trip was quite an adventure. Q-Base is an annual one night festival held at an old airfield in middle-of-nowhere Western Germany, and has 14 hours and 12 stages worth of hard dance music. All genres of hard dance are represented there, from the mainstream […]

Review of Airbeat One Festival

Rating: 7/10. Cool countryside festival with 4 diverse stages and genres. Music was curated really well with unbelievable lineup. Real German festival with cool crowd and nice communal feeling. The camping area is a sight to behold. Very hard to get to as a foreigner and consequently there were very few.

Ipse Club Berlin Review for the BNR 10YR Party

Rating of Ipse Club: 8/10. A very alternative and interesting venue. Great, eccentric outdoor space. Extra points for the random garden and hut with laundry hanging outside. Minus points for creating a suffocating steam room in the main dance floor. My journey of techno tourism continued over the European labor day weekend (April 30th). Boys Noize has […]