Top 5 Must-Do Things For Nightlife Lovers in Belgium

If you love experiencing nightlife as much as you value exploring “daylife” when you travel, you can’t visit Belgium without checking out the Belgian nightlife scene. Beyond the world-famous beer, did you know that Belgium also has specialty liquor, pumpin’ techno clubs, and a strong festival scene? Here are the top 5 must-do’s for nightlife lovers visiting Belgium.   1. Indulge in […]

Tomorrowland Festival Review 2016

Tomorrowland | Festival | EDM | Electronic Dance Music | Camping | Rave | Festival Outfit | Festival Prep

My Rating of the Festival: 7/10. Tomorrowland’s scale cannot be beat – 15 stages and 180,000 people from over 75 countries. However, two general impressions that detracted from my experience – 1) Too big! Takes forever to walk anywhere, even if you are staying in the Dreamville camping area (20 min minimum to walk into the festival). […]

6 Ways To Get Tomorrowland Tickets 2018 (Even after missing General Sale!)

In the summer of 2016, I unexpectedly ended up at Tomorrowland after missing out out on the general sale. Here’s how I managed to get the coveted Tomorrowland tickets. [Updated October 2017, after my second trip to Tomorrowland!] Going to Tomorrowland in Belgium is on every raver’s bucket list. In the beginning of each year, hopeful festival-goers have several […]