What to Wear to Tomorrowland: Outfit Ideas for the Classy, Trashy, and Outrageous

What To Wear to Tomorrowland- Outfit Ideas for the Classy, Trashy, and Outrageous

With Tomorrowland coming up in under a month, it’s time to figure out what to wear to Tomorrowland and what to pack. Tomorrowland is a huge spectacle and you are part of the show. This article should get your creative juices flowing for Tomorrowland outfit ideas!

A good outfit is essential because it…

  1. Makes you feel like a thousand bucks
  2. Helps you get into the Tomorrowland aftermovie
  3. It will make you new friends (“OMG I love your light-up earrings”, “Nice flag! Are you American? Me too! ‘MURICA!”)

Need I say more? Don’t slack off on this!

In this article, I’ll give you different ideas depending on the vibe you’re going for… ranging anywhere from the classy, to the trashy, and to the outrageous.

An amazing part of Tomorrowland is meeting people from all over the world. So, I’ll also provide some tips on what to wear to surely spark conversation.

For my male readers: girls are blessed with more outfit choices than boys, but there are plenty of ideas here for guys too.

My rule of thumb for dressing for Tomorrowland is that COMFORT is #1! You’ll be walking a lot, dancing a lot, and sweating a lot. Pick clothes that allow you to ventilate and shoewear that allow you to walk for miles (I averaged 30K steps a day last year).

My Tomorrowland outfit: Flower cropped top from Bershka, red booty shorts, fanny pack as always, andthe Kandi necklace that I made years ago! My friend “Weez Guy” is sporting his Afro and air guitar. And Bruce is the Energizer Bunny!

American vs. European Rave Fashion

I thought I’d add a note on the differences between American and European rave fashion. But before I describe the differences I just want to say – obviously wear whatever makes you happy and confident, there’s no need to conform!

That said, continental European rave fashion is generally a lot more subdued than American rave fashion. The best way I’d describe it is “casual chic”. Wearing everyday clothes is totally fine, you can always just throw on a tank top and shorts without feeling like you’re underdressed. This applies for both men and women. Accessories are often limited and never too outrageous.Neon is not a thing here. Kandi is not used in Europe; it’s not part of the tradition here.

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European Rave Fashion @ Tomorrowland

American rave fashion is an a lot more elaborate affair! Ladies tend to show a lot of skin, nothing wrong with letting out a bit of booty, and bra tops are very popular. Americans also love to accessorize it up with sexy leg wraps or stockings. Men and women alike wear a lot of neon and glow-in-the-dark accessories. Finally, we love wearing and trading kandi.

American Rave Fashion. The gorgeous iHeartRaves unicorns!

So if you want to dress more like an European festival-goer, go with a more casual, subdued outfit. I’ve written about differences of American vs. European rave fashion more in depth on in this guest post on iHeartRaves.

But I just want to stress again, please wear whatever makes you happy… whether it’s American-sexy, European-chic, or just something completely out of this world crazy!

Without further ado, here are some outfit ideas to help you figure out what to wear to Tomorrowland this year!




  • Fun cropped top

Kitty Cropped Top

  • Cropped top with a hint of sexy

Mesh Rave Halter Top

  • Breezy shirt – beachwear coverups are actually quite good for this

Chiffon Swimsuit Cover-up

  • Shorts

Lace shorts = gorg!

  • Breezy silk skirt

Floral Boho Maxi Skirt


  • DJ shirts. Supporting your favorite DJ, never a bad idea. Plus, you’ll probably meet people that like the same music!

  • Funny shirts. Who doesn’t like cats?

Cat Carrier T-Shirt

  • Tank tops

When the Sky Falls Down Tank

(Dash Berlin reference intended)


I like to add a bit of trash to my class 😉 Plus, the less you wear the more cooled off you’ll be.


  • Sexy cropped top (just watch out for those tan lines)

Sexy Rave Crop Top

  • Bikini
  • Booty shorts

iHeartRaves Hologram Rave Booty Shorts

  • Fishnets or Leg wraps

  • Lingerie. How about a gorgeous rave bra?

  • Pasties for the super bold and fabulous

Rave Pasties! Available in your favorite emoji and many other designs


  • Booty shorts

Men’s Metallic Booty Shorts

  • Bro-y shirts
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Stoned Panda Tank


  • These outfits are not only outrages, but also require considerable dedication.
    Meet your new festie besties Dinosaur, Ducky, and Unicorn


  • Selfie Socialite costume. I lol’d for a whole minute when I saw this. Snapchat should probably pay you to wear this.


Honestly, the outfits I wear usually flaunt a bit of skin but overall pretty plain. For me it’s all about the accessories! Even if you are not into wearing revealing things or crazy outfits, simply having a cool accessory can instantly jazz up your festival outfit.

  • Festival glitter

Unicorn Chunky Glitter – Magical pre-mixed glitter set

Protip: Apply vaseline on desired area before glittering for a long-lasting look

  • LED earrings

These earrings change colors, too!

  • Light-up shoelaces

LED laces

  • Fake tattoos

Metallic Tattoos are still all the rage

  • LED hair accessories

Dazzle with LED hair

  • Funny Hat

And what about this squid?

  • Wings

iHeartRaves Butterfly Rave Costume Wings


  • Fanny Pack

What about a galaxy cat fanny pack?

  • Backpack

Get weird with an Alien backpack

  • Camelbak – put water in it and easily drink from the straw without removing the bag! These are allowed as long as they are empty when you enter the festival.

Camelbak Hydration Pack



No recommended products here, just whatever you feel comfortable in and can do 20K+ steps a day in. I usually wear sneakers or tennis shoes. There is always some possibility of rain in these parts of the world, so make sure your shoes don’t have holes in them 🙂

Ladies, please please please don’t wear heels or sandals. There is a lot of walking in Tomorrowland and you may get stepped on in the dance floor or at crowded areas!

Random Toys & Props to Make You the Coolest Kid on the Block

  • Refraction glasses – lend that cute girl your refraction glasses and let her world explode
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  • Inflatables – works as a totem, just as something to throw out to the crowd… or a flask? (don’t ask me how you’re supposed to extract the booze)

  • Flag – represent your country!

  • Cigarettes & lighter- proven time after time to be the ultimate currency of friendship

I hope this article helped you get some outfit ideas for Tomorrowland! When you’ve figured out what to wear to Tomorrowland, remember to also pack everything you need for a great festival experience.

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