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I went to Detroit and realized that its nightlife scene is totally underrated! Why isn't anyone talking about Detroit?

The Detroit Nightlife Scene is Totally Underrated

I visited Detroit for the first time in October 2016. Not only did I love the history, culture, and food of the city, I was blown away by the Detroit nightlife scene. To me, Detroit is America’s most underrated destination for nightlife, specifically Techno.

“Wait” – you might say – “Isn’t Detroit run-down and dangerous?” In fact, Detroit is going through a period of rejuvenation in the recent years. Sure, parts of the city are dodgy, but that’s part of what makes Detroit nightlife so interesting. Nightlife and techno culture has been in Detroit since the 80s (in fact it is where techno was born). The techno culture has stayed underground in Detroit, which makes it so much more exciting.

Read on to see what makes Detroit nightlife special and why I think Detroit is techno’s best kept secret.  Continue reading

Vegas vs. Ibiza: Which is the Best Party Destination? | Nightlife | Clubbing | EDM | Spain | USA | Florianopolis | Techno | Tourism

Best Party Holiday Destination: Vegas vs. Ibiza

For clubbing aficionados, Ibiza and Las Vegas are destinations that are at the top of bucket list. Ibiza has been for decades the long-standing electronic dance music party holiday destination. On the other hand, Vegas splashed into the clubbing holiday scene since the surge in popularity of EDM in the United States, dazzling clubbers with its headliners and glamorous clubs. There has been heavy debate recently on whether or not Vegas has overtaken Ibiza as THE party holiday destination.

I went to Vegas in June of 2015, and was blown away by just how crazy it got. Having lived in Europe for a year, I loved being in an American party environment again. I had such a good time in Vegas, that I was doubtful that I could have more fun in Ibiza but also keen to compare the two destinations.

So, in September of this year, I had the chance to spend a week in Ibiza, hitting up all the famous clubs. Here are my two cents on the Ibiza vs. Vegas debate. And as a bonus, in the end I’ll throw in an underdog to the “best party holiday destination” debate – Florianopolis in Brazil. Continue reading

Vegas Pool Parties should be on every international clubber’s Bucket List

I had the fortune of going to Las Vegas over EDC weekend, and never imagined that I would have so much fun! I only went to EDC for one night but that was not the highlight of my trip – they were the pool parties. Granted, my pool party experiences were pretty limited – I had only gone to Atlantic City (NJ/NY’s version of Vegas) pool parties before and to a pool party in P-12 of Florianopolis (Brazil) – but nothing prepared me for the pool party madness I experienced in Vegas. My posts about EDM and events on this blog tend to be music-focused and I try to steer away from party talk. However, in Vegas, I admit that I did not care one bit which DJ was spinning or how his track selections were because I WAS JUST HAVING TOO MUCH FUN!!! It’s like a water park for adults, combining my favorite things: EDM, sun, water, and fun. Vegas pool parties — HIGHLY recommended for all that love a party.

Here’s a run down of the four pool parties I attended over EDC weekend – three day parties and one night party. I stayed till the very end at every single one of these parties! I definitely have to go back again and check out all the other beach clubs.

Friday – Diplo @ Encore Beach Club

Diplo @ Encore Beach Club

Diplo @ Encore Beach Club

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