Brussels Electronic Marathon: Why Brussels is an Amazing Nightlife City

Brussels Electronic Marathon Nightlife

As part of the PartyWith team, I was invited to visit Brussels for its Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM). In my opinion, nightlife tourism = best kind of tourism, so of course I said yes. Thanks to our Belgian summer intern Izzy’s connections with the organization, BEM had invited the team of PartyWith to go down to Brussels for […]

Spanish Stereotypes of Americans as seen at the Elrow Party in Barcelona

My rating: 7/10. Elrow is the most famous event producer to come out of Barcelona. In past years, they had hosted weekly themed parties in Barcelona. However, due to its fame it has moved its summer residency to Ibiza. Underground music, carnival-esque atmosphere. Worth every penny, even if you do not like techno. Oh, and great strawberry […]

Warung Beach Club: The Temple of House Music in Brazil

Club Rating: 9/10. It’s an absolute must-visit for techno and house music lovers. Set in a gorgeous setting on the beaches of Brazil, with an incredible vibe and decor. Always brings in the best talent in underground music.  Warung Beach Club may be a name only familiar to the most dedicated of North American and European techno fanatics, […]