Don’t be afraid to travel by yourself, LADIES in particular!!

On the day after my 25th birthday, I was sitting in a hostel my Buenos Aires (Hostel Estoril Terraza, great hostel by the way), and decided to write a public message on Facebook about my trip.

Prior to leaving New York in the middle of January, I had only told a couple close friends about my plans, and left the city with little fanfare. I don’t like announcing my life plans to the public for others to judge, or try to impose my own life decisions on them. Most of all, I was afraid of failing in my plan to travel alone, hate it, get homesick, and that I would give up and go home early and my whole social world will know I failed.

However, a little more than a month later, I was sitting happily in my hostel in Buenos Aires and felt really good about my trip so far (despite getting my phone stolen in a nightclub a couple days before!). So, I decided that since it was my birthday, it gave me the right to preach on Facebook about Travel. I wrote the status update and went to bed, half expecting no one to read it. When I woke up in the morning, I had more than 150 likes ( a record for me. The post ended up getting 250 likes on FB). I figured that I’d repost the message here on my blog!

As some of you know, a little more than a month ago, I quit my job and set off by myself to travel in South America. 
As I turn a year older and wiser, allow me to encourage those of you who have been wanting to see more of the world but do not have anyone to travel with, to try out solo travel. I’ve been wanting see more of South America for a long time, but up till recently, I was still mortified by the prospect of traveling long term by myself and thought it was out of the question – wouldn’t it be so lonely, isn’t it dangerous as a girl alone in a foreign country – I didn’t know any girl that travels by herself. Thankfully, I discovered the travel blogs of other solo female travelers, whose experiences made me believe I can do it, and gave me the courage to book that flight.
The journey has thus far exceeded my expectations and more. First of all, you’re never really alone if you don’t want to be, as there are always tons of other travelers (mostly Europeans) looking for companions too. Furthermore, when you’re traveling alone, you learn that your best company is and always will be yourself. Knowing that you don’t need to depend on other people for your happiness is really a liberating feeling. I hope to continue to grow over the next couple of months of travel, and that anyone who wishes to travel does not feel like they need to wait for the “right time” when their friends can join them to set off on their epic trip of a lifetime.

My favorite comment that I received was from William Morejon a college classmate:  You make me want to just jump on a plane right now to anywhere in the world lol

Thanks for all the support friends!! Yes, you can go anywhere in the world!!!

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  1. I’ve never traveled solo for more than three days at a time, but I’m itching to go on a long adventure like this. Cool to see other female solo travelers blazing trails and exploring the world. Thanks for posting!!

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