Electronic clubber’s guide to Brazil

I am writing a series of posts about electronic music clubbing in Brazil based on my first hand experience and word on the street, for the dance music lovers and international clubbers out there!

This first two posts are about the electronic clubs in Floripa, and tips on electronic clubbing in Floripa. I will write another post about the other cool EDM clubs in Santa Catarina State, and another on clubs in São Paulo and the rest of Brazil based on my limited experience. I will also write a post of the cool electronic festivals that happen in Brazil.. 🙂 Lastly, I will also write a post on clubbing tips in Floripa and by extension tips in Brazil, from how to dress, to how to get a drink, and most importantly how to save money.

Check out:
– Creamfields Florianopolis
– Green Valley and Warung Beach Club
Electrolife Tips in Florianopolis
EDM Clubs in Florianopolis

Forthcoming posts:
– EDM in Santa Catarina
– EDM in Sao Paulo
– Biggest and greatest EDM Fests in Brazil
– General tips on clubbing in Brazil

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  1. This is a fantastic blog! I’m having a great time going through all your posts.

    I see you have “EDM in Sao Paulo” in the pipeline, but was wondering if you could provide a few quick recommendations in the meantime as I’m headed there next month.

    Anything in Rio would be helpful as well as I’ll be headed there for Carnival.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Kevin, glad you like my blog! And I see that you’ve found YR on my posts 🙂
    You’re right, I never got to writing about Sao Paulo.. Let’s see.. the most famous/classic EDM club there is called D-Edge, but it is all techno/underground music. Clash Club on most nights is electronic. My favorite club I’ve been to is The Week, it has 3 stages, an outdoor area, and a pool, but unfortunately unless a well-known it’s DJ LGBT :p Eazy Club plays electronic and/or hiphop (as they call it, “black” music). I’m sure there are going to be a lot of special events around carnival time. I’ve never been there but Anzu Club is also quite famous, the only problem is that it’s not in the city of sao paulo but if you rent a car it may be worth the trip.

    Also worth mentioning is La Sirena club, which is one of the most famous edm clubs in Brazil located in the coastal town of Maresias. If you have the time I would actually really recommend going along the coast from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, stopping at some coastal towns there and maybe even going to an island, Ilha Grande, it’s a beautiful trip.

    In Rio, since you’re going there during carnaval, there’s gonna be a lot of parties on the beach! Last year around Post 9 in Ipanema (beaches in Rio are numbered by Posts – an easy way to meet up with people), there were tents with loudspeakers and parties all along the beach – with Brazilian music of course, but also commercial house, and even psytrance. Also, during Carnival week, check out the Rio Music Conference – last year the likes of Dmitri Vegas and Fatboy Slim spun there. This year not all the DJs have been announced yet but Tiesto and Showtek are spinning. I’ve never been to a decent edm club in Rio actually, but if you’re going during carnaval I would recommend you to just stick to the beach / go to the Rio Music Conference since lines to get into any club will be crazy!

    Hope this helps… if you need any other advice on traveling in Brazil just ask, you’re going to have a great time! 😀

  3. The Edge in Sao Paulo was Amazing! Best soundsystem. Good tekkno, amazing Lights. Unfortunatly also a Place for Rich Kids, äs entrance cost about 50R$. Loved it!

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