Introducing my favorite spot in Floripa

I’m written a lot about living in Florianopolis, but never explained why this island is so great. Simply put, Florianopolis is a paradise for beach and nature lovers. Today I will introduce to you my favorite part of Florianopolis, the famous Joaquina sand dunes (Dunas da Joaquina).

The sand dunes stretch between the middle of the main road of Lagoa de Conceição, and Joaquina beach. Between a foresty hill and a marshy flatland lie the sand dunes – you can trek through the dunes from Lagoa to Joaquina beach- the journey is very peaceful and you can’t hear anything other than your footsteps and the wind blowing on the sand. Make sure you give yourself at least an hour and half of time before sunset to complete the journey.

At the sand dunes, you get a phenomenal panoramic view of Floripa’s natural beauty:


You can climb the tallest sand dune:


Do “ski bunda” (literally “butt skiing”):


You can sandboard:

2014_4 _ 9

The worst part is to climb up the hill afterwards!


Finally, at the end of the day… Watch a killer sunset:


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  1. Looking forward to visit this magical Island in October! Just booked our accommodation there 🙂 Sandboarding sounds really fun to do! I’m going to look through your blog to find more tips. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Enjoy, its truly a paradise 🙂 let me know if u need any advice!

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